Rice Grain Dragon Charger

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This is an excellent example of rice grain porcelain. The inner upper border is a hand painted diaper design above a circle of blue. The center border is an unusual design of bats with what may have begun as I-ching but morphed into an almost cloud like pattern. This border has 2 inner circles of blue below it surrounding a five toed dragon in the center. The style of the dragon is common of the late Qing period, as is the pearl, flames and clouds. There few signs of age and the bowl is in excellent condition. There is only one discernible rust spot and no contracting. The piece possibly dates to late Qing, late 19th century to early 20th century. However, the age is unknown.

The bowl has an approximately 13 inch diameter. There is no damage. The bowl is marked with an underglaze blue Wanyu mark.

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