Carved Bowentine Foo Dogs

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These two guardians represent yin, with the female on the left, and yang, with the male on the right.  The male is holding the ball which symbolizes the world and the female is holding a puppy under her right paw. The age of these carvings is unknown. The amount of surface scratches and wear indicates that there is some age. Each dog weighs more than 2 pounds. These carvings were sold as "jade" foo dogs. However, the softness of the stone is not consistent with jadeite or nephrite. There is some translucency as light passes through the thinner areas such as the feet.

The sculptures are in good condition. Both measure approximately 5 inches in height and 4.5 inches across the base. There are some scratches and definite wear. There does not appear to be any chips or fractures. Please review pictures to confirm.

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