1897 Rayo Converted Oil Lamp

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This 1897 Rayo Converted Oil Lamp is one of the original Rayo lamps produced by Bradley and Hubbard for the Standard Oil company. The Patent Pending stamp on the shade holder tripod reads "Feb 16 1897". The shade is an original hand-painted shade.  It is in good condition with some fritting along the edges of the base, as should be expected with age. However, there are no cracks or chips in the shade and very minor paint loss.

The nickel plating has been removed to expose the brass. There is some tarnishing in some areas and minor denting. The lamp works and is in good condition. However, the original hand-painted shade is the best feature in my humble opinion.

The lamp is approximately 18" tall with a 10" wide shade.

The lamp will be shipped with each separate component individually wrapped and protected. The item will be insured to the full value.