Village of Yase Woodblock Print - Utagawa Hiroshige

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The Village of Yase (Yase no sato) - Japanese woodblock print in a bamboo frame
Lovely picture in the Ten Views of Kyoto series by Hiroshige. It was initially published in the early 1800's. It depicts villagers on a footpath in Yase, near the mountainside.  The print is signed: 広重画 (in black kanji script on the left) "Hiroshige ga" ("Hiroshiga painting")
Title is in black kanji script at the top. The inscription 京都名所 之内 八瀬之里 translates as: "Kyoto views in Yase Koresato"
This print is a re-strike edition published in 1951 by Uchida and edited by Tomikichiro Tokuriki.
Size: Horizontal oban; 22.4 x 36.1 cm.