American Schoolgirl Needlework Dated 1840 by Catharine Hall

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This framed American Schoolgirl Needlework was completed by Catharine Hall, aged 11 years, in 1840. It is the type of alphabet needlework that was created by girls in school from the 18th through 19th centuries. It is framed with a flower border around a church nestled in the forest. Oversized butterflies and flowers decorate the background. The needlework is in good condition but does have some fading, staining, and pulled stitching along the bottom. The framed needlework measures 20.5" by 18".

The paper backing of the frame is deteriorated with age. It has an old note attached that has faded as well. Some words that can be deciphered read "Done by my mother...", "gift", "March 8 - 32". The needlework was purchased from an estate in Potomac, Maryland.