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Antique and Vintage Blue and White Porcelain Snuff Bottle

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These 3 snuff bottles range in age from the the early 20th century, end of Qing to the latter 20th century. The pear shaped bottle with the lattice border on each side and the stained bottle date to the early 20th century when the Chinese first began using transfer print on snuff bottles. The bottle with the cranes does not appear to be transferred printed when viewed with a 10x magnifying lens; however, it could be possible. Both have hand painted underglaze blue marks which can also be seen through the inside of the bottle with a light is shown through the base.  The stoppers are missing and both bottles have extensive staining inside the mouth along the turn marks. The bottles are both approximately 2.5 inches tall.

The cylinder shaped bottle depicting the scholars appears to be more recent. There is no staining and it is transfer printed. This bottle is also translucent when a light is shown through the base and is marked with what looks like an ear of corn. It has a stopper without a spoon. It is 2.75 inches tall.