Chinese Blue and White Dragon Bowl (Ming Replica)

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This bowl is nicely decorated. The dragon is wonderfully detailed in features and facial expression, with head nearly meeting tail, pearl of wisdom, lightning and lingzhi fungus form clouds between. (This same style can be seen on a Ming flask in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, shown here: This is a modern/contemporary piece done in an antique style.

The interior upper border decorated with a scrolling lotus flower motif, beautifully executed with the expected variations apparent in hand painting. The exterior is just as vividly decorated with a scrolling peony upper border, diaper border in the center and ruyi styled clouds decorating the lower border. The glaze contractions are numerous but small and only discernible with a magnifier. The iron spots present are also very small. Upon close inspection with a magnifier you will see that in areas the glaze, which still has a nice luster overall, is beginning to deteriorate. The foot, as is the dragon, is similar to a  Ming style but appears to be unmarked by age. This is an indication that the bowl is contemporary.

The weight shown gives consideration to the extra padding necessary for safe shipping. The bowl has an approximate 10 inch diameter and 5 inch depth. There is no damage.

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