Antique Chinese Cloisonne Scholars Objects Vase

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This is a beautiful, rare example of an Antique Chinese Cloisonne Scholars Objects Vase. The vase has a brownish red background featuring a vase which is further decorated in blue, green, and pink enamels. Extending from the vase are beautiful blooms of pink, white, and blue growing from a vivid green stem. The vase is surrounded by a scroll, paint brush, brush pot, a bowl of peaches, and oddly, an onion, which could be a play on the Chinese word for cleverness. The individual cloisons are formed in a unique clover shape not commonly seen. The ruyi upper border of the vase and lid is done in blue enamel alternating with pink. The finial is in brass with very little tarnish. There is turquoise counter enamel on the unmarked base. This is truly a lovely, unusual cloisonne vase.

The brass is in very good condition, as is the entire vase. There is no damage.

The vase is approximately 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The weight listed is with consideration of packaging required for safe shipment.