Antique Japanese Cloisonne Vase and Trinket Box

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The Meiji period vase is extremely detailed in its design. The symbolic butterflies are interspersed with flowers and a botanical design. Various colors are displayed including pink, black, white, green, brown, blue and red. As is common with antique Japanese cloisonne, small dots of enamel border the top lip, bottom rim, and the body decorations. Each dot is formed by small wire cloisons artfully filled in with enamel. The center band around the globular body glistens as if tiny specks of gold are in the enamel. There are 2 areas of damage, shown in pictures. One is about the size of a quarter, the other slightly smaller than nickel-sized. Height 6 inches.

The trinket box appears to be gilded with the gold and silver wires of the cloisons creating the birds and floral decor undisturbed by age. There are small areas inside the box that is beginning to darken with age. The base has a typical "orange peel' texture to the blue counter enamel. No damage to the trinket box. Diameter 2 inches, height 1 inch