Antique Lacquer "Lac Burgaute" Snuff Bottle

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This one is a real find! It is black lacquer with gold and silver inlays along with mother of pearl and shells forming lovely flowers on the front and rear panels and geometric designs to the four side panels. There are alternating borders made of gold and silver wire at the neck and around the base. Each cartouche is bordered by inlaid gold wire.

Unfortunately, the stopper is missing. But that does not detract from the beauty of the bottle. There are some areas where the gold and silver is missing. Most noticeably around the upper rim and lower border. This is likely due to opening and closing the bottle. When viewing under a loupe other you will find a few missing inlays here and there. This is overall good condition for the age of the bottle, which dates to the late 18th to 19th century, late Qing. There is a distinctive inlaid mark on the foot.