Antique Pair of Cong Dragon Vases

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This Pair of Cong shaped vases depicts a floral scene with chrysanthemums, leaves, and other flora on each panel with an iron red, four-toed dragon on the main panel all on a turquoise ground. The dragons' scales are painted in gold, which is fading as is the other gold trim on the vases. The upper border is four blossoms with scrolling green vines on a vivid yellow ground. The vases have elephant head handles with remnants of gold trim. The vases are heavily potted and unmarked.

There is a chip on the right lower corner of one vase and an area of damage to the enamel on the upper left side of the same vase. Examination under UV light did not reveal any repairs. The vases are believed to date to the late 19th to early 20th century based on the form and style of decoration. However, please assess based on your own expertise.

The vases measure approximately 7" tall and 4" across the body.