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Gosu Blue Satsuma Beaker Vase Fuso Seiko

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This Antique Satsuma Beaker Vase Signed Fuso Seiko.  It is beautifully decorated in chrysanthemums of gold, red, and blue with vivid green leaves on a finely crackled glaze. Stylized ruyi heads border the base while an intricate diaper and chrysanthemum border surrounds the upper rim with an intricate wide floral and foliage lower border. The base is signed in raised gold beneath a Shimazu crest in gosu blue. The vase dates to the late Edo to early Meiji period. Overall excellent condition.  There is a small line on inner rim of opening; however, it is not a hairline, as it does not extend beyond glaze.

The height is approximately 12 inches with a flaring mouth that measures 7.75 inches.