Handcrafted Yixing Teapot in Form of Nandi

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This Handcrafted Yixing Teapot is very unique in form. While the oxen form has been depicted on other Yixing teapots, this interpretation is one of a kind. It is a depiction of Nandi, the gatekeeper of the Hindu god, Shiva. It is enhanced with silver, gold, and copper on nodules that are interspersed over the body. It signed by the artist with a seal mark to the base of the pot, which has been translated to Zhou Xinhua-zhi.

The age of the pot is unknown but there are definite signs of age. The interior does not appear to have been used as a teapot.

There is no damage to the pot.  It measures 5.5 inches from snout to tail and is approximately 3 inches tall.