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Large 19th to Early 20th C Qian Jiang Porcelain Vase

Large 19th to Early 20th C Qian Jiang Porcelain Vase

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This nice example of a Qian Jiang porcelain vase was converted to lamp w/ hardwood stand attached and brass fixtures. The vase is thinly potted based on the weight compared to the size of the lamp. The vase is decorated with a scene of women socializing and another peeking around the side of house. Thought to be 19th century possible Republic. The vase is a form and style very common to the period. I did not attempt to view the foot rim to avoid causing irreparable damage. 

The gilt is nearly completely worn from the handles and rim. There are no visible chips and no hairlines. No discernible repairs. If desired, there is a cream colored silk shade with orange intricate border at top and bottom. The shade will be shipped separately to avoid damage.

The vase is 18  inches tall with the wood stand attached. The lamp is operational and stands about 35 inches tall.

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