Meiji Period Japanese Cloisonne Vase by Ota Toshiro

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This is a rare Meiji Period Japanese Cloisonne Vase by Ota Toshiro. The Ginbari foil method is used to what displays as a textured background which fades from a lime-like green to bright white.  Vivid purple and blue enamels are used to create the flowers, while varying shades of green are used for the leaves and blades of grass. The mark of Ota Toshiro is clearly impressed into the base. This vase is fine representation of the artist's work, in miniature form.

The enamel on the vase has been damaged. All cracks and fissures are shown in the pictures. The damage is not apparent during a casual observation, as there is no enamel loss. The price is reflective of the condition.

The vase measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide.