Meiji Period Japanese Mixed Metal Vase Made by Okuda

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The Meiji period Japanese Mixed Metal Vase is extremely detailed in its design. The artist's rendition of the Komai studio style is evident in the floral border pattern and scrolling leaves covering the background. The two panels featuring birds and flora are also in the Komai style. The vase body is a a metal alloy, possibly silver, but likely steel, decorated in black and gold lacquer. The decoration does not appear to be inlaid, but rather painted onto the surface in relief. The vase is signed on the base "Great Nihon Okuda-sei".


The vase is in good condition. Wear is consistent with age, dating to the 19th century. There is some minor loss of lacquer on one panel and tarnishing of metal. The vase measures approximately 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide.