Antique Vietnamese Celadon Bowl

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This piece will make a nice addition to a collector of antique Vietnamese pottery. The shallow bowl has a crudely applied five clawed dragon in center. The glaze is thickly applied and pooled in some areas around the dragon. The glaze is in very good condition, showing some areas of deterioration along the edges.  There is crazing, as would be expected in an old piece. There are iron spots as well. The bowl is The bowl is slightly warped (shown in pictures) and sits on a raised foot ring. The foot has the sandy base with adhering particles and has chipping along the edges.  What appears to be black, brown, and tiny white particles are actually bits of glaze.  This can be clearly seen using a magnifier. The exact age is unknown; the dish is not marked.

The bowl has a diameter of  about 10 inches. The weight noted takes into consideration packaging for safe shipment.

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