Palekh Russian Lacquer Box

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This box portrays Alkonost, a mythological creature in Russian folklore that possess the body of a beautiful bird and the head of a beautiful woman. The background appears to be black lacquer marbled with gold; however, when viewed with a loupe, the gold gilt is clearly distinguished on the black lacquer background.  The entire exterior is gilted in this manner.  Gilt is also used to form the leaf and feather pattern that surrounds the Alkonost. The border is is also gold and is intricately detailed in its design on the lid and around the base. The signature and date are clearly written in gold, as well .  The inside lacquer is a rich red color.  There is no damage and the box looks new.

The measurements are 2.5" x 1" x 2".

The pictures were taken with varying degrees of lighting to highlight details, gilt, and the colors of the painting.