Rice Grain Porcelain Cups Dish Spoon

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This set consists of a very detailed sauce bowl transfer decorated with blue bats and I-ching symbols in the inner border and a chrysanthemum adorning the center, a spoon, and two cups.  Some of the rice grains are outlined in red and rust red designs also lie between the upper and inner borders. Gold circles enhance the decoration and trim the rim of the piece. The spoon is decorated with a diaper border, which appears to be hand painted, but is likely transfer print like the diaper border of the sauce bowl.  The spoon has the same decorative color scheme in a more simple design. The cups have even less decoration, bearing only a border theme formed by a minimalist floral-styled motif on the lower portion.  These items make a nice addition for a collector of small rice grain porcelain items.

The sauce bowl has a 2.75 inch diameter and the spoon is 5.5 inches long.  The bowl and cups are marked with two different modern marks dating to the last quarter of the 20th century, while the spoon is unmarked. The sauce bowl has been repaired, as shown in the pictures.