Fedoskino Russian Lacquer Box

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This black lacquer box depicts a well known scene with the prince, the firebird, and the apple tree from the folklore "Prince Ivan and the Firebird". The inside lacquer is the bright red that was typical of Fedoskino boxes. The details of the painting are less vivid due to age.  However, the shimmer of the gold leaf beneath the paint is still quite distinct.

The box is very old and has the number 82 inscribed beside "Fedoskino" in Cyrillic, that is barely legible.  The 82 is believed to be the date based on the aged condition of the box. Based on research, "Made in the USSR" would be inscribed on the box if it had been made in 1982. The very strong scent of linseed oil when the box is opened and the red lacquer has the appearance of leather in the upper right corner. The signature blends in with the background of the painting and is below the foot of Ivan.

The box measures 6.25 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches. The flash was used in some pictures to highlight the silver and gold leaf used under the paint.