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Shino Ware Sushi Plate - Signed Art Pottery

Shino Ware Sushi Plate - Signed Art Pottery

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A delightful piece of art in the form of a sushi plate. The plate features a floral motif on a crackle glaze ground, trimmed in the same green glaze used to form the leaves of the flowers. The base is unglazed with exception of the four corners which also has the cream colored crackle glazing. The base also has a cheesecloth like pattern impressed with four unpatterned flat strips. The signature is incised in one of the unpatterned areas. The signature is thought to be that of Hidetake Ando but has not been verified.

There is no damage. There is a marking on the base that appears to be from a grease pencil. It smudges when wiped, so it has been left intact.

The plate measures 8 inches x 6 inches and has a thickness of .25 inches. 

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