Shiwan Crackle Glaze Confucius Statue

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This statue is a rare and beautiful depiction of Confucius in sancai glaze. In this rendering, Confucius is depicted as a "king without a throne", evidenced by the imperial style robes while sitting on a rock or stump, implying the impact of his leadership though he was only a "commoner" in the eyes of some.

The robe has a distinct ge type crackle on the sleeves while the trim is cobalt blue with an amber sash accentuated with a yellow tie. The glaze also has crazing and discoloration due to age. There are rust spots and glaze contractions apparent in some areas as well. However, there is no damage. The figure is in excellent condition for age. There is a mark on the lower interior of the figure.

The statue measures about 6.5 inches tall and approximately 5 inches across the base. Weight is in consideration of packaging for safe shipping.