Shoushan Carving of Immortal with Mythical Beast and Peach of Life

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A beautiful representation of good fortune and long life! This would make a wonderful addition to your collection or an interesting and well-made display piece. It is a hand crafted depiction of one of the Eight Immortals accompanied by a Ruishou. The immortal holds a peach in both hands, emphasizing the significance of immortality. The Ruishou is to his right, resting on the sleeve of his robe, nearly upon his shoulder, showing that Good Fortune is always with him. There are waves and clouds decorating the hem of the immortals robe, which is adorned with a floral medallion design among clouds. The expressions of the Immortal and the Ruishou are of peace and harmony. There are no markings and age is unknown.

Height and width are slightly greater than 3 inches, without the base. The hard wood base was made to fit the figure and is 1 inch tall and 4 inches wide. There are minor scratches to the base and figure but no other discernible damage.