Thousand Butterflies Chinese Export Porcelain Dishes

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These two Thousand Butterflies decorated Chinese Export Porcelain Dishes are  highlighted on a muted gold ground which was popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  These dishes a beautifully hand painted with vibrant red, yellow, and green. The enamel is thickly applied creating an almost 3D effect in the center design.  The plates are thinly potted and formed into an eight-sided square shape, setting them apart from the typical pieces that feature the 1000 butterfly pattern. They will make a fine addition to any collection.

Each dish measures 7 inches across the widest point. One is completely free from damage, while the other has 3 chips along the edge. There is only minor wear to the enamel, mostly along the edges, which is consistent with age. The weight listed is in consideration of packaging required for safe shipping.

The dishes date to the early 20th century Republic Period.