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Vintage Hull Iris Vase

Vintage Hull Iris Vase

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This Vintage Hull Iris Vase is one of many designs Hull made in the iris pattern.  If features the standard pastel colors. One side displays two wildflowers and the other has a single flower surrounded by leaves. It has simple curved handles and the mouth of the vase appears to open in a bloom. The vase has the standard "HULL  U.S.A" on the base with a "402" stamped, but barely visible. The vase dates to the mid-1940's.

The vase is in very good condition with no cracks, chips, or other damage. There are signs of age creating slight blemishes including a slight smudge just below the rim.

Height approximately 7 inches tall and approximately 5 inches from handle to handle. The weight listed is in consideration of adequate packaging for safe shipment.

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