Vintage Oxblood Flambe Glaze Vase

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This magnificent Vintage Oxblood Flambe Glaze Vase is an American made piece.  The tool marks to the foot and the thickness are well known attributes of Camark pottery. However, the vase is not marked and therefore will not be attributed to any maker.

The oxblood glaze varies in depth and coloration, orange and beige streaks to deep ruby red with hints of blue under the glaring rim of the mouth. The glaze has an orange peel texture that is difficult to capture in pictures. Vase shown in various degrees of lighting in an attempt to capture the color variations and texture.

The vase is in very good condition with no cracks, chips, or other damage. There are signs of age to the center of the foot with the exception of the tool marks, which appear to be very recent, exposing the white clay.

Height approximately 13 inches; 7.5 inches across the widest area. Vase weighs 8.5 lbs.