Woodblock Print Utagawa Hiroshige The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

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This print is #7 in the series Ten Views of Kyoto by Hiroshige. It is signed by the artist and the title is inscribed in kanji script on the right. This is a re-strike of the original work using the original woodblocks published in limited edition under government supervision.  The script written in pencil on the edge of the print indicates that this print was published in 1951 by the woodblock printers Uchida and edited by Tomikichiro Tokuriki. 

There is a small amount of water staining on the upper left edge which cannot be seen when matted and framed. The bamboo frame was secured after the pictures were taken to support authenticity and age.

There is another print in this series that is also for sale. It has the same publisher and editor. Both were discovered in a box in a small brick and mortar antique shop.

Approximately 9 inches x 14.25 inches