18th Century Chinese Porcelain Bowl

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This is an excellent example of an 18th Century Chinese Porcelain Bowl depicting a Mandarin scene. It features the diaper border pattern and the vivid enamels common to the Mandarin exports of the period. A key fret pattern is also used to decorate the table. The facial features and expressions of the figures are fully defined, as are the details of the furnishings, architecture, and the outside view the figures appear to be enjoying. The garments appear to flow as a result of the demonstrated skill of the artist. The bowl is a true treasure that will complement any collection.

There is a small chip that leads to a hairline fissure on one side and a larger hairline fissures on the opposite side of the bowl. There are also firing flaws present. The condition of the bowl is consistent with age

The weight shown gives consideration to the extra padding necessary for safe shipping. The plate weighs about 15 ounces. It has an approximate 5.5 inch diameter.

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