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Amber Glaze Petal Pattern Chinese Porcelain Jar

Amber Glaze Petal Pattern Chinese Porcelain Jar

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This is beautiful Chinese porcelain pot or large jar with a deep Amber Glaze  and Lotus Petal Pattern. The pattern appears to be carved, as I can feel turn marks inside the vessel, however due to the overall consistency of the lines in the pattern, it was likely molded. There is crazing especially around the mouth of the vessel as well as on the base. There is an impressed apocryphal Qianlong mark. 

Based on the overall condition, as well as the form of the mark on the base, I believe the jar/pot dates to the mid to late 20th century. There is very little visible wear, but there are definite signs of age and use. There is no damage. The vessel is heavily potted.

The jar is approximately 8.5 inches wide and the mouth has a diameter of approximately 6 inches when measuring inside the rim.

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