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Antique Cloisonne Vase Black

Antique Cloisonne Vase Black

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This is a fine example of an early 20th century cloisonne vase. Individual cloisons create decorative swirls of gold on a black background while enamels of various colors, including pink, white, green, brown, yellow and rust red, form the prunus trees and blossoms. The ruyi upper border is formed of green, purple, and yellow enamel. There is a simple double border surrounding the foot rim, over which is an unusual foliage border. There is no counter enamel on the base.

The metal appears to be tarnished by age. There are 3 spots of enamel loss on the foot rim and a thumb-sized indentation which is hard to see in the picture, but has been circled for you assessment. (Please forgive the glare.) There may be other minor areas of damage consistent with use and age. However, the areas of loss are not readily visible and the vase makes a lovely display piece.

The vase is approximately 9 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide. It is priced based on condition.

The weight listed is with consideration of packaging required for safe shipment.

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