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Cornelius and Baker Puppeteer Statue

Cornelius and Baker Puppeteer Statue

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The Cornelius and Baker Organ Grinder Statue is one of the few genre pieces produced by the company. The company introduced the method used to cast its zinc statues to the United States in the 19th century. Prior to casting statues, Cornelius and Baker produces lamps and other metal decor made from zinc. One of the most well known pieces created by the company is the rendition of Clark Mill's statue depicting Andrew Jackson. The Organ Grinder and its companion, the Puppeteer, are rare, as they were produced in very limited numbers. The statue was featured in a 1901 catalog for Ansonia clocks.

The statue is approximately 11 inches tall. The strap to the organ has become detached on the back (see pictures) and the base has been removed

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