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Marigold Acorn Fenton Carnival Glass

Marigold Acorn Fenton Carnival Glass

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According to, Fenton frequently produced the Acorn pattern. The piece listed here is also the typical shape used for Acorn pattern bowls.  This aids in  confirming authenticity, as this piece is unmarked. It dates to the early 1920's based on the lack of a mark. Research indicates that Fenton marked all carnival glass made in the 1970's until closure.  The stress fracture shown in the last picture is also an indication of age, as manufacturing flaws are rarely seen in later pieces.

Measures 2-1/8" high X 7-1/2" diameter. Damage is limited to the stress fracture, as shown, and the item is priced accordingly.

The bowl is pictured in varying degrees of lighting to demonstrate how lighting impacts the coloring and iridescence as well as capture the details of the pattern. 

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