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Indonesian Batik Traditional Kamasan Painting of Rama Epic

Indonesian Batik Traditional Kamasan Painting of Rama Epic

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This is an antique Balinese painting on textile created by community artists, working in groups, as was the tradition. The artwork depicts a scene from the epic poem, Ramayana. Balinese artist did not begin signing their work until after 1920. This piece dates to late 1800's or prior based on style and lack of signature. The framing is very old and the remaining back paper cover continues to crumble away. There has been some type of plaster repair to the back frame. the edges of the cloth are visible on the back because of the missing cover. It has not been removed from the frame it was purchased in due to fear of damaging the cloth.

The piece was purchased from the estate of a military colonel who traveled extensively across the world. It measures 11 inches x 42.75 inches.

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