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Late 19th Early 20th C Chinese Cloisonne Immortal Figure

Late 19th Early 20th C Chinese Cloisonne Immortal Figure

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This is a fine example of a late Qing, early Republic cloisonne statue of one of the 3 immortals. Individual gilded cloisons form clouds on a turquoise background while enamels of various colors, including blue, green, white, yellow and rust red, form the form the details and trim of the statue's robe. The figure is holding a removal metal branch with blossoms. The gold is almost completely worn from the branch. The hands and head of the stature are made of a different material. A piece of which broke off from the neck stem inside the statue. However the head remains securely attached. The broken piece is pictured for close inspection.

The statue is in good condition. There is a loss of enamel on the painted hat and the removable branch. It does appear that the statue may have been affixed to a base at some point.

The statue is approximately 9 inches tall.

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