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Meiji Period Cloisonne Tripod Censer

Meiji Period Cloisonne Tripod Censer

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The Meiji period censer is melon shaped with 6 lobes, a floral motif, and reticulated lid. Each lobe is decorated with a symbolic butterfly or goldstone flower balls on a black enamel ground. Various colors are displayed including pink, white, green, blue, brown, and rust red. As is common with antique Japanese cloisonne, small dots of enamel border the lid, upper and bottom rims and also surround the three goldstone flower balls. Each dot is formed by small wire cloisons artfully filled in with enamel. The cloisons are gilded wires of varies sizes. Coils of gilded wires adorn the background of the box, as well. The interior enamel is green. The base is without enamel and unmarked.

There is no damage but there are signs of age and wear, as should be expected.

The censer is small, measuring approximately 2.75 inches tall and 2.75 wide. 

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