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Meiji Period Satsuma Vase

Meiji Period Satsuma Vase

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This is a beautiful example of a Satsuma vase. This vase depicts a mixture of motifs, including deities, pagodas, mountains, and a big beautiful tree in moriage. The vase has a combination of raised enamel, moriage, and designs in relief. The raised gold outlines indicate an earlier production date. This is also confirmed by the finely crackled glaze that is consistent with older Satsuma ware. The vase dates to the 19th century, possibly late Edo.

The vase is in excellent condition in consideration of the age. There is no damage. But there are some losses to the gilding and some enamel loss, which are both consistent with age and use.

The height of the vase is approximately 15 inches.

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