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Chinese Aventurine Cloisonne Vase

Chinese Aventurine Cloisonne Vase

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This is a 20th century cloisonné vase with an arabesque design on a green goldstone ground. Individual cloisons create decorative scrolling swirls of gold on the sparkling background, while the main decorative motif is manifested through intricately detailed wire formations. The wires vary in width and the design is not completely symmetrical, which is a testament to the age and hand-crafted detail. The ruyi upper border is also formed of only of wire. There is turquoise counter enamel on the base.

The metal appears to be tarnished by age. There are some pressure spots on the that appear to dull spots upon first glance. However, closer examination reveals damage to the enamel but without the loss of enamel. The upper rim is slightly dented in one area. However, none of the areas of loss and/or wear are readily visible. The pressure spots have been circled in the photos for your assessment. 

The vase is approximately 5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide. 

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