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Rice Grain Chinese Porcelain Dishes

Rice Grain Chinese Porcelain Dishes

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Each of these pieces have the Wanyu mark on the base.  The small sauce bowls are decorated with a diaper design on the upper rim inside the bowl, while the inner border is a classic I-ching and bat design.  The outer borders on these bowls are simple circle borders. The 2 small saucers have the I-ching border at the upper internal rim while concentric circles border the chrysanthemum adorning the center. The outer upper rims are adorned by a diaper border while the basal rim has radial leaf pattern border.  Each piece is hand painted. The feet are fully glazed with the exception of the edges of the rims.

Each saucer has a 3.75 inch diameter and the sauce bowls measure 2.75 inches.

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